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Most Mechinot are preparation for the army, but Kol Ami is meant to be 'preparation for life'. What does that even mean though? Can anything really prepare you for life? 

After four out of six months at Kol Ami, I can definitely say that Kol Ami has left me feeling more prepared for my future than I could ever have expected. 

Here are the top 5 LIFE LESSONS I've learned so far: 

5. Cooking! 

After years of my mother trying to teac...

January 8, 2017

This week all of kol Ami participated in a preparation for צה״ל (IDF), where we were treated like soldiers and took on some of the same responsibilities as real soldiers.

I was given a water bottle in place of a gun :-), that I had to carry around with me at all times and have full to the brim.

I had to stand in a certain way until told otherwise, start all my sentences with "הקשב המפקד" ( Kind of Aye aye, sir) , and follow orde...

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